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Welcome to Da Vinci Communications Sales Center. Here you will find information on how to purchase the products and services that are available from us.

Leonardo Editor Pro

Leonardo Editor Pro is an advanced TTCN editor and is designed to easily and effectively inspect, edit and create TTCN-2 abstract test specifications. Its open Plugin API can be used to extend and integrate the editor with your test system. Request a fully functional evaluation version from us NOW.

Please use our quote form to request price information.

Leonardo Editor Pro Plugins

We encourage customers to have a share in special plug-in solutions that integrate the Leonardo Editor Pro seamlessly with other vendor's test tools. Many of these plug-in solutions are non-commercial tools and available at no cost.

Please contact our plugin team for further information on our services and off-the-shelf-plug-ins. We may have a free plugin solution that meets your needs, or our Plug-in Development Team can design a cost-effective solution for you.

Leonardo Editor Base

Leonardo Editor Base contains the same functionality as Leonardo Editor Pro Version except the Plugin API. An evaluation version is available on request.

Please use our quote form to request price information.

Leonardo Delta

Leonardo Delta is a comparison tool for TTCN-2 specifications. A DEMO version is available on request.

Please use our quote form to request price information.

Leonardo Browser Base

Leonardo Browser Base is a TTCN-2 browser that allows you to browse TTCN-2 specifications. The base version is available at NO COST. Its appearance is similar to the Leonardo Editor. You can download it here.


For most of our products we prefer to send you an individual quote. Please contact our sales centre and we will send you a quote; usually within 24 hours. Prices do not include delivery costs and applicable taxes and are quoted in Euro and US Dollar.


During the warranty period, 180 days after dispatch from Da Vinci Communications, the licensee is entitled to replacement of defective media at no charge.


Your order will normally be processed within 48 hours. Da Vinci Communications will distribute the license key and software via e-mail when your order is received.

Terms of payment

Term of payment is net 30 days from the date of invoice.

Technical Support

We do recommend that you purchase a support and maintenance contract covering the Leonardo Editor and the Leonardo Delta.

Our Support and Maintenance Services

The annual support service package will be available for you on the purchase of license(s) for Leonardo Editor and Leonardo Delta. It includes:

  • access to no-added-cost updates of Leonardo Editor via Da Vinci Communications website
  • free access to a growing range of plugin solutions
  • priority technical support services via fax, e-mail or telephone, during normal business hours
  • assistance with development and adaptation of specific plugin solutions
  • entitled to a discount for new major software upgrades

The support fee is 15% of the current software license fee and Da Vinci Communications shall invoice you for annual renewal payments for the support service package until cancelled.

Terms for reinstatement of support agreement

The licensee has the option to sign a support agreement, on the date of acceptance by Da Vinci Communications of the purchase order. The support service package should be ordered together with the actual products.

Alternatively we offer the following reinstatement scheme:

  • period: 0-1 year - 20% of current license fee + new maintenance fee
  • period: 1-2 year - 40% of current license fee + new maintenance fee
  • period: 2-3 year - 60% of current license fee + new maintenance fee
  • > 3 years 20 % discount at purchase + new maintenance fee

Please use our quote form and we will send you a quote; usually within 24 hours.

For any questions, please contact our sales center.


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