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Da Vinci Communications is a technology company that strives to further the adoption of TTCN by providing the best test tools available on the market. Our tools are developed by test engineers for test engineers. We are inspired by the art and science of the great Renaissance inventor Leonardo Da Vinci.

Our products have found broad acceptance in international markets. Our clients include telecom companies, test tool manufacturers, telecom equipment manufacturers, private network operators and telecommunication research centres.

The Da Vinci story

attention to detail - intellectual freedom - engineering perfection - future focus

Da Vinci Communications is a technology company set up to challenge the established thinking of proprietary test tool development. Its founders began their journey in test engineering about 10 years ago when the TTCN notation was being developed and European test standards were being perfected. These standards are now world standards. Telecommunication technology such as the Internet, mobile telecommunications, wireless and test engineering were beginning to have a profound impact on world communication.

We started Da Vinci Communications because we became increasingly frustrated that the test tools on the market were never as flexible as we needed them to be. We believe in the benefits of a universal testing standard and we found a suitable approach in TTCN (the tree and tabular combined notation).

Da Vinci Communications represents a philosophy as well as a set of products.

We believe that:

  • Test tools must comply with universal standards.
  • Test engineers should be able to combine test tools to achieve their desired solution.
  • Plugin applications should be available to engineers so they can use it as a springboard for the development of other solutions.
  • Test solutions should be able to work across any platform or tools.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a brilliant scientist, inventor and artist. He was born in Florence in 1452 at the peak of the Italian Renaissance when art and science were experiencing a revolution. The prevailing belief was that the world was composed of concentric spheres of earth, water, air and fire, and that the Earth occupied the centre of the universe with other astronomical bodies moving around it. However, Leonardo believed that direct study was essential in learning how nature and science functioned. He would not blindly accept the hegemony of the times.

Leonardo Da Vinci approached machines with the eye of a systems integrator. He believed that by understanding how each separate machine part worked, he could modify them and combine them in different ways to improve existing machines or create inventions no one had ever seen before.

We are actively involved in the development of the new TTCN-3 standard and are represented on ETSI's TTCN-3 Special Task Force. We concentrate on creating tools that take advantage of TTCN-3 features that allow TTCN into areas that are currently dominated by proprietary solutions. We are especially interested in the widening field of IP-based protocols and the new synchronous communication features of API testing that will make TTCN-3 a suitable option for XML based protocols.

Da Vinci Communications has accumulated many years of experience in the telecommunications market and testing technologies, particularly GSM. We monitor the progress and development of these newly emerging telecommunication technologies very closely. We pride ourselves on our competence, our training and our ability to exceed customer expectations.

We are recognised as the industry expert when it comes to the integration of TTCN with Java® programming language.

As a scientist Leonardo Da Vinci towered above his contemporaries. Had his findings been published, they would have revolutionised the science of the 16th century. His observations and inventions anticipated many discoveries of modern times including circulation of the blood, action of the eye, discoveries in meteorology and geology, the effect of the moon on the tides, continent formation, and the nature of fossil shells. He was among the originators of the science of hydraulics and probably devised the hydrometer; his scheme for the canalisation of rivers still has practical value. His inventions included an underwater diving suit and a flying machine called the ornithopter that embodied sound principles of aerodynamics.

Leonardo Da Vinci's scientific theories were based on careful observation and precise documentation. He understood better than anyone of his century or the next the importance of precise scientific observation.

We employ the highest quality measures and procedures in our development process and employ quality procedures from the design to verification and testing and the final release of all our products.

We are passionate about developing solutions that enable test engineers to create the test systems that meet the needs of their system without compromise or wasted expense.

Our headquarters are based in Germany.


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