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Leonardo Editor Pro Plug-ins

Plug-ins give Leonardo Editor its power and flexibility. They extend the functionality of the editor, which enables you to integrate it into your test system.

List of Leonardo Plugins that are currently available as part of our support services:

Universal Compiler Plugin
This plugin integrates any third party command line tool to be driven from within Leonardo Editor. It is mostly used for integrating a third party code generator.

Import Generator Plugin
This plugin can be used to automatically generate the import and "by Reference" tables in a TTCN-2 test suite or module while working with modular TTCN and external ASN.1 definitions.

Delta Dependencies Plugin
Combines the functionality of the Leonardo Delta tool with the TTCN dependency checker of the Leonardo Editor. It uses Leonardo Delta's comparison reports to find all test cases that are affected by the changes. This means these test cases, once identified, can be easily extracted and re-executed.

All users of Leonardo Editor Pro are welcome to request these plugins from us now.

What makes plug-ins so useful?

We can create a plug-in that will automate, integrate and simplify any task you can imagine, for instance:

  • They tie together and control applications from existing test environments or third party tools such as syntax checkers or compilers
  • They can provide graphical user interfaces (GUI) for the whole process cycle of editing, compilation, parameterisation, execution, tracking and debugging
  • They can export the TTCN data to other formats, for instance older TTCN standard compliant MP code or XML code.

Find out how our plug-ins add flexibility to your test system and how to install plug-ins here.

The Plug-in Development Team

Our plug-in development team is available to create customised plug-in solutions for clients, or to support clients wishing to develop their own plug-ins.

We have developed special plug-in solutions that integrate the Leonardo Editor Pro seamlessly with other vendors test tools. The case studies below outline how these IDE solutions deliver enhanced productivity and user-friendliness.

Read our plug-in case studies:

The Universal Compiler Plug-in is used by many telecommunications companies to control various tools within heterogeneous test systems.

Other plug-in solutions

Leonardo Editor is integrated into the following third party test systems via plugin solutions:

  • Rohde & Schwarz Protocol - Tester R&S CRTU-W for 3G and multi-mode terminals
  • Anite - Conformance Toolset Solutions
  • Aeroflex - UMTS Test System 6401 AIME
  • Danet - TTCN Toolbox.
  • OES - Open TTCN System

Contact us at plugins@davinci-communications.com if your test system needs to be more fully integrated. We may have a free plug-in solution that meets your needs, or our Plug-in Development Team can design a cost-effective solution for you.


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