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When you are testing solutions for the world's fastest-growing technology segment, you need robust tools that are easy to use, keep up with change, and meet the rigorous standards set by the industry.

Many technologies like 3G and Bluetooth are recognising the need for uncompromised quality and the role that testing plays to achieve this goal. TTCN is the standard chosen by those who care about excellence. Da Vinci Communications is a world-leading TTCN specialist.

We are dedicated to supplying affordable, quality TTCN-2 tools for all platforms, all hardware and all software components.

Our Leonardo TTCN-2 product suite is made up of:

Leonardo Editor
A state-of-the-art programming tool to create and maintain TTCN-2 specifications

Editor Plugins
Customised and off-the-shelf plug-ins to integrate and enhance Leonardo Editor Pro

Leonardo Delta
A sophisticated comparison tool to generate detailed documentation about changes between revisions of TTCN-2 specifications

Leonardo Browser
The browser provides all the functions you need to read and navigate efficiently through TTCN-2 files.

We make it easy to test software and hardware that is under development, and enable you to bring in testing earlier in your development cycle. Our plug-ins extend the functionality of the Leonardo Editor Pro and enable you to integrate Leonardo Editor Pro into your test system.

We are committed to enabling test engineers to retain the freedom to choose platforms, tools and hardware and software components. We enable test laboratories to serve the needs of all their clients regardless of what systems or platforms they are using. We also advise and consult test engineers on establishing the best system for their needs.

Our tools are developed in Java, the cross-platform programming environment from SUN, which simplifies development across many different computing architectures and gives customers the choice of deploying applications in their individual environment.

Da Vinci Communications creates new opportunities for its clients by bringing TTCN and Java together.


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