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Leonardo Browser is a TTCN-2 browser that allows you to read TTCN-2 MP files in the GR representation. It supports both TTCN-2 standards, the original version as well as the 1998 edition. Leonardo Browser Base provides you with a handy tool to browse through your TTCN-2 specifications. Best of all it is absolutely FREE.

Please get in touch with us at support@davinci-communications.com to get your free copy.

Leonardo Browser provides all the functions you need to navigate efficiently through TTCN-2 files.
Here are some of the features:

High performance parser
optimized code for great performance

ISO/IEC 9646-3:1998 and 1992 compliant
Leonardo Editor is the only TTCN-2 editor that is fully compliant with both specifications (all groups and collective comments)

Search with Perl5 regular expressions
search through identifiers or the full text and find things quickly

click on any word anywhere and jump to the data with matching identifiers

External views
view and compare proformas in external windows

Compressed MP file support
Open and Save compressed MP files to save space

sort groups and tables alphabetically

Advanced tree management
use the many features that make the handling of specifications much easier

Online help
a comprehensive online help system will give you all the information you need to use Leonardo Browser


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