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Your Team Effort - supported by our newest Leonardo Plugin  (22 October, 2009)
New! Version 1.05 of the Multi-Extract-Plugin will aid your development of modularized test suites.
It offers a convenient way to consolidate test cases from different files into one file.
A time saver multiplied by the number of developers working on the same test specification.

For more information, please get in touch with us at sales@davinci-communications.com.

Da Vinci sponsors exciting sustainability project (03 December, 2007)

Da Vinci Communications is supporting a bid to create the world’s fastest silicon powered solar car of 2007.

The car, called Solar Fern, is the New Zealand entry in the 2007 Panasonic World Solar Challenge, which started today. This race pits solar cars against each other in a gruelling 3000km event across the Australian outback from Darwin to Adelaide. The team intends to drive more than 600km each day, reaching top speeds of 120 km/h.

Kathrin Kiefer, Sales Director for Da Vinci Communications GmbH, says the Solar Fern support reflects Da Vinci Communications’ interest in promoting sustainable energy. The company has a close relationship with New Zealand’s innovative technology industry.

Da Vinci Communications’ support has helped fund the design of Solar Fern using technologically advanced, high performance materials, including a carbon fibre body shell, lithium batteries and composite wheels.
The design features several secret innovations that are expected to challenge traditional ideas about how to harness solar power for transportation purposes. The World Solar Challenge is more than just a race. Over 3000km, reliability and organisation can become key factors.

Please follow the link to

Da Vinci Communications moves to Germany (31 January, 2007)

Da Vinci Communications Limited is transferring its business to a related entity called Da Vinci Communications GmbH in Germany as at 1 February 2007.
This change will not in any way affect our existing relationships, contracts or supply agreements.

For more information, please get in touch with us at info@davinci-communications.com.

April 29, 2005 - Test specification developers will be able to collaborate, merge code and identify duplications and conflicts much more easily with an update of the Leonardo Editor v. 2.01, released today.

The intelligent Find Conflicts feature is a response to an urgent request by 3GPP MCC group to Da Vinci’s TTCN experts.
3GPP MCC develops the standardised test specifications for conformance testing of third generation mobile systems and is made up of the world’s leading telecommunications designers and manufacturers.

3GPP’s request came when they tried to merge multiple specifications into one flat test suite. This created an extremely difficult, time-consuming process requiring manual checks for conflicts in these modules. Accuracy would have been extremely difficult to achieve.

“We saw the opportunity to create the feature for use in any type of collaborative test specification development process, where individual developers work on certain parts of a test specification,” says Da Vinci Communications sales manager Kathrin Kiefer. “Da Vinci’s feature enables conflicts to be identified comprehensively and accurately in a matter of minutes.

Find Conflicts allows developers to investigate identifier conflicts in up to 15 files before integrating various test modules or performing a Merge operation. The conflicts are shown as colour codes in a table and easily viewed at a glance. By clicking on any file cell in the table the corresponding object in its editor window is brought to the foreground for further viewing or editing.

Auto Completion

The updated Leonardo Editor also features a new sophisticated Auto Completion feature. This significantly increases developers’ productivity and accuracy, saving significant time and cost.

Conformance test specifications can easily contain up to 10,000 identifiers. Accuracy is compromised if a developer tries to remember the identifiers, and it is extremely time consuming to manually search for the correct identifier while programming.

Auto Completion enables developers to press “Ctrl + [space bar]” and a list with suitable identifiers pops up. If the developer completes the first few characters, Auto Completion can provide a shortlist of options to select from.

The feature was a response to feedback from developers using Da Vinci’s Leonardo Editor.
Other features in the Leonardo Editor update include:
- numerous improvements in the syntax and semantics checker
- a new plugin API for improved session functionality
- a new preference showing a warning before the developer performs a sort
- a new option to Close Session

For more information contact Kathrin Kiefer, Manager, Sales & Support at Da Vinci Communications Ltd. Email: kathrin.kiefer@davinci-communications.com Tel: +64 3 3838311; Fax: +64 3 3838310.
Or to download the update, visit www.davinci-communications.com/download.shtml

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND, 30 SEPTEMBER 2004 - Mobile equipment manufacturers will be able to develop TTCN-2 test specifications for the mobile 3G standard more quickly and effectively with the release of Version 2.0 of Da Vinci Communications´ Leonardo Editor.

The upgraded software thinks ahead of test engineers to help simplify their TTCN-2 development process in this highly complex formal specification language. Features include a dependency checker that identifies where objects are being used and what impact changes to an object will have on the entire specification.

A fast and sophisticated syntax and semantics checker (which includes ASN.1) enables test engineers to verify the correctness of their edited specifications before compiling. The syntax and semantics checker adheres closely to the TTCN-2 and ASN.1 standards, but can also be set to a lower level of compliance.

There are also session features for managing modular TTCN-2, improved handling of multiple windows, and a redesigned user interface.

Da Vinci support manager Kathrin Kiefer says the enhancements are the result of feedback from the company´s large and enthusiastic test engineer community. "Over the last couple of years, we have had excellent feedback from users, and we have been able to incorporate it all into some very innovative features designed to make their lives easier," she says.

Da Vinci Communications´ TTCN-2 editing tools have achieved broad acceptance in international markets. Clients include telecom companies worldwide, equipment manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson, and private network operators and telecommunications research centers.

For more information contact, us at sales@davinci-communications.com.

New ! Enhance the TTCN-2 comparison tool (01 July, 2004)
Maintain and compare hundreds of versions of TTCN-2 test specifications with the new Delta Dependencies Plugin. This plugin helps to speed up the maintenance of the 3G conformance test specifications supplied by 3GPP.

The Delta Dependencies Plugin combines the powerful comparison functionality of the popular Leonardo Delta tool with Leonardo Editor’s intelligent TTCN-2 dependency checker.

This plugin uses Delta’s comparison reports to find all test cases that are affected by the changes. This means these test cases, once identified, can be easily extracted and re-executed.

For more information, please get in touch with us at sales@davinci-communications.com.

Da Vinci Communications . . . makes testing exciting again - Terzo Browser now available (12 August, 2002)
Da Vinci Communications will soon be set to add the new brainchild Terzo to their already successful Leonardo family of TTCN testing tools. Over the last 3 years, Da Vinci Communications have established a track record in devising testing tools that are flexible in meeting the needs of test laboratories, service providers and technology manufacturers - making it easier to bridge the gap caused by heterogeneous test systems.

The successful launch 3 years ago of their Leonardo range of TTCN-2 browsers and editors to the telecom marketplace, prompted their customers to request that they do the same with TTCN-3. They now include Terzo, for this standard, in their portfolio of tools.

Currently under development for release in 2003 the Terzo tool suite will enable manufacturers to get their products to market faster, and is very suitable in the widening field of IP-based protocols, API testing and 3G - third generation wireless communications.

New markets will open up as TTCN-3 expands the technical possibilities and broadens its appeal for as-yet-uninvolved industries and technologies. It will enable the introduction of a structured, system-oriented approach in areas currently dominated by homegrown and proprietary solutions.

For those clients who have requested some immediate tools, Da Vinci Communications have released the first tabular TTCN-3 browser available on the market. With the Terzo Browser you can browse TTCN-3 test specifications that are written in the core notation, and view them in the tabular representation (TFT), according to the standard - ES 201 873-2 as specified by ETSI. Terzo Browser has been introduced as the first component of the new Terzo tool suite and is freely available for download here. For further details see our Terzo site.

The latest upgrade of Leonardo Editor will speed up your editing and debugging process - the new version 1.14 is now available for download (31 July, 2002)
The major enhancements of Leonardo Editor v.1.14 are the many additional features that are aimed at making the user interaction even more flexible. Leonardo will especially appeal to developers who are new to the TTCN language and do not have the time and desire to go through a huge learning curve. The enhancements will be of great value to developers who need to work in parallel, but separately on the same test specification, as well as for developers who are debugging large test suites or modules.

Besides offering new key combinations for quick access, it also offers 3 very convenient functions Find dependencies, Merge and Extract . . . allowing a test suite to be broken down into multiple test suites or modules and merging them back together to one test specification. For those developers who are debugging large test specifications . . . it will be useful to single out test cases as a subset of the test suite to achieve shorter compiler cycles. It supports you in eliminating potential problems through trial and error repetitions, without having to wait a long time for the compiler and semantic checker to finish. Full details are available on the support page.

Free Release of plug-in to import non-standard compliant MP files (01 May, 2002)
It has come to our attention that various official test specifications on the market are not compliant to the TTCN standard, ISO/IEC 9646-3:1998, because they have been saved in an MP format that is specific to the TTCN editor of another TTCN tool vendor. Da Vinci Communications has released a plugin solution to be used with Leonardo Editor Pro to convert non-standard conform test specification that are saved in the vendor specific MP Format to assist our clients and users in their efforts of delivering high quality testing solutions. This plug-in will become redundant with the upcoming version of Leonardo Editor v. 1.14.

Da Vinci Communications test solution puts bite into Bluetooth development (04 December, 2001)
Written in Java and completely cross-platform compatible, the Da Vinci Communications' Leonardo Synergy Solution combines the ROHDE & SCHWARZ PTW60 protocol tester and Da Vinci Communications' Leonardo Editor Pro into one integrated development environment.
read more here.

TTCN-3 Tabular Representation takes shape (02 August, 2001)
Da Vinci Communications has been officially appointed by ETSI to complete part two of the new TTCN-3 standard.

Brush up your Bluetooth test system! (28 May, 2001)
Testing the BluetoothTM protocol will become easier for users of the ROHDE & SCHWARZ PTW60 protocol tester thanks to a plug-in developed by Da Vinci Communications.

The plug-in integrates two separate test system components when TTCN is the test notation being used. Da Vinci Communications continues the successful plug-in development to save users cost, time and risk of error.

This synergy solution will be available by August 2001.

Read more in our case study.

New Web Site Launched (25 May, 2001)
Da Vinci Communications launched today its redesigned web site. Our website visitors will enjoy the extra content and easier download and update facilities and problem tracking database.

Free Browser Update (25 May, 2001)
Da Vinci Communications have released version 2.04 of its popular free TTCN-2 browser. Among other improvements it is now possible to adjust the size of the font used in the proformas.
Thanks go out to all the people who have provided feedback to make this tool even better!
You can download it here.

First release of the new Universal Compiler Plug-in (27 November, 2000)
Bring together a range of different tools running on a range of different platforms in a single solution. Read more in the case study.

Turning test systems into masterpieces (20 November, 2000)
The notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci reveal the insights of one of the most versatile and original intellects of all time. Read a recently published article in the NZ hitech magazine with the founders of Da Vinci Communications.


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