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We think the Leonardo Editor is the best tool on the market to create and edit TTCN-2 specifications. It combines a user-friendly interface with powerful features and uniform handling across many different platforms. Whether you are developing modular or non-modular TTCN-2 specifications, Leonardo Editor supports you with state-of-the-art features that you have come to expect from modern development environments. (screenshot)

Here are some of the features:

ISO/IEC 9646-3:1998 and 1992 compliant
Leonardo Editor is the only TTCN-2 editor that is fully compliant with both specifications and makes it easy to develop modular test suites.

Syntax and semantics checking
A comprehensive syntax and semantics checker quickly verifies your specification, including ASN.1 modules

Automatically completes identifiers defined in the specification, greatly boosting your productivity and reducing errors

Extract objects into a new test suite

Merge several test suites into a single file

Find Conflicts
Easily identify potential conflicts between many test suites before merging them together into a flat view

Find dependencies/dependants
Find dependent TTCN objects and vice versa

Click on any word anywhere and jump to objects with matching identifiers

Group test suites and ASN.1 files into sessions to support modular test suite development.

Plugins (Pro version only)
Plugins can extend the functionality of the editor and support integration into your test system

Export HTML
Convert the suite or module into HTML documents to print or publish on your Intranet

Please get in touch with us at support@davinci-communications.com if you require an evaluation of the Leonardo Editor.


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