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BluetoothTM protocol testing plug-in for Rohde & Schwarz

Testing the BluetoothTM protocol will become easier for users of the Rohde & Schwarz PTW60 protocol tester thanks to a plugin developed by Da Vinci Communications.
The plugin integrates two separate test system components when TTCN is the test notation being used (the PTW60 user can also program the test specifications in C).

The combined solution will save users cost, time and risk of error.

Overview of the Leonardo Synergy Solution

The situation

Rohde & Schwarz is a leading international communications company that released the first Bluetooth Protocol Test System to the market.

With separate system components, testing was split into a TTCN editing/debugging task on one machine and an execution task on another. The error-tracking process could be made more efficient: Test suite errors, which are reported by the PTW60 compilation process, that transforms TTCN code to C code, were being written down and dealt with separately on a machine holding the Leonardo Editor Pro, creating a risk of inaccuracy and causing the process to be less efficient than it needed to be.

The testing tools

1. PTW60 protocol tester
The PTW60 has been developed to help manufacturers of Bluetooth equipment during the development process as well as supporting the TTCN test suites defined by the Bluetooth SIG. The PTW60 performs protocol tests of protocol layers and profiles. It automatically converts the TTCN test specifications into executable code.

2. Leonardo Editor Pro
The Leonardo Editor Pro is a sophisticated tool that creates and edits TTCN specifications. It combines a user-friendly interface with powerful features and uniform handling across many different platforms.

The Pro version's interface is able to develop and run plugins. This feature extends the functionality of the editor because it makes it possible to access other tools from the editor's interface.

The solution

Da Vinci's PTW60 Plugin combines the PTW60 and the Leonardo Editor Pro into one integrated development environment.

The solution simplifies the editing and compilation of TTCN test suites and enables the transparent handling of all transactions between the Leonardo Editor Pro and the PTW60.

A "Build Manager" provides a tree view of the build directory structure on the PTW60 tester. This enables users to view PTW60 tester directories from the Leonardo Editor Pro, delete unwanted versions or builds, view meta-information, and load test suite files from the local machine or the PTW60.

The benefits

  • All TTCN development can be handled by the single interface of the Leonardo Editor Pro.
  • Rohde & Schwarz users can now remotely control the TTCN compiler and checker on the PTW60 tester from within Leonardo Editor Pro.
  • TTCN related errors reported by the PTW60's compiler are intelligently fed back into the Leonardo Editor Pro's debugging mode. Test specifications can then be edited and corrected immediately from the same interface.
  • Leonardo Editor Pro can be used for all TTCN testing and development, including managing the PTW60 protocol tester's source code and executable files, managing the building and compiling of applications using the plugin's Build Manager.


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