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Da Vinci Communications gives you the freedom to create the test system that is right for your business.

We are specialised in software solutions for the tree and tabular combined notation (TTCN), which is used to specify tests for technologies such as 3G, Bluetooth, GSM, DECT, INAP, ISDN, TETRA, VOIP and Hiperlan.

With our Leonardo product range we have created browsers and editors enabling you to write and manipulate TTCN-2 test specifications as well as off-the-shelf and customised plugins that enhance the functionality of heterogeneous test systems.

The Leonardo Editor is the best tool on the market to write and manipulate TTCN-2 test specifications. It combines an intuitive user interface with state-of-the-art features that you would expect of modern development tool.

The Leonardo Browser, our free TTCN-2 browser is used everywhere TTCN-2 specifications are executed and developed. Make sure you get your copy today!

The Leonardo Delta comparison tool to generate detailed documentation about changes between revisions of TTCN-2 specifications.

The Leonardo range is independent of any hardware or software products, so we can advise you on what test tools to use and how to tailor your test system to your needs. If you have specific needs, our Plugin Development Team will create an equally specific solution.

This flexibility especially suits test laboratories or test engineers wanting to mix and match a range of hardware or software components or who want to integrate different computer platforms.


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